February 16, 2017


156 Fifth Ave, New York



A curated benefit in support of Planned Parenthood

Curated by DUPLEX: Sydney Fishman and Eden Deering




October 29th, 2016

272 Seigel Street, Brooklyn


Preview: Saturday, 2pm-5pm

Opening Party: Saturday, 7pm-Midnight

Performance by KAT the MIA MAXIMA, 10pm

Curated by DUPLEX: Sydney Fishman and Eden Deering


DUPLEX is pleased to present our second pop-up show, “Flesh”, a group exhibition featuring artists whose work plays with the transformation of the corporeal form within our contemporary age. Organized alongside Marvel Vision, pieces by Jeffrey Bennett Allen, Andie Dinkin, Maggie Hazen, Alexandra Metcalf + Victoria Hanyes, Nicholas Nazmi, Ellie Tomlinson, William Udell, and Emily Wissemann expose, conceal, abstract, and disfigure the human body. Through video, performance, sculpture, and painting these pieces work in tandem to transform flesh, the consequences of such efforts resulting more in mutilation than metamorphosis. “Flesh” ultimately represents the spirit of Halloween, honoring the power of disguise and self-exploration while reminding us of our own material stagnation.



September 8th - 10th, 2016

535 W 22nd St, 6th floor


Opening Reception: Thursday, September 8th, 7-10pm

Performance by Roxy Company: Saturday, September 10th, 8pm

Curated by DUPLEX: Sydney Fishman and Eden Deering


DUPLEX is pleased to present our first pop-up show, “Greener Pastures”: a multi-media group exhibition by emerging young artists whose work creates a vision of paradise, over Chelsea. Duplex provides opportunities for young artists to showcase new work in carefully curated exhibitions that reflect their environment. Works by Xavier Donnelly, Roxy Gordon, Simiran Johnston, Benjamin Langford, Jenny Sonenberg, and Emily Wissemann play with ideas of re-appropriation and a re-imagining of our contemporary landscape. From newly interpreted industrial objects and magazines to the manipulation of recycled representations of utopia, these works form a sanctuary for our individual and collective artistic, professional, and quotidian fantasies. “Greener Pastures” offers an alternate reality, where the line between the artificial and the mystical is blurred and where visions of an imagined past and future are physicalized.