Marinaro Gallery, 1 Oliver Street, New York City

November 16th - January 12th, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, November 16, 7-9pm

Duplex is pleased to present its eighth pop-up exhibition, “Hush,” a group show featuring works in photography, textiles, sculpture, installation, and sound. Located on the lowest level of Marinaro Gallery, the exhibition explores the relationship of a basement to American life and how underground spaces reflect our individual and collective unconscious.

Within popular culture, the basement has acted as a setting for horror films, a vessel for family secrets, a playspace for childhood imagination and a backdrop for rebellious suburban youth. This exhibition investigates the inherent duality of these subterranean universes, where deception and repression exist alongside unhindered personal expression.

The artists included in Hush respond to the current moment, where personal and public personas are perceivably one in the same, to discuss the unsaid and unseen pieces that make up an individual's identity. The exhibition also explores the ways women, LGBQT people, people of color, and other minority groups have existed historically through underground culture, in reaction to or hidden from patriarchal power structures.

We are very honored to be exhibiting work by Hallie Bahn, Jackson Hallberg, Tenaya Izu, Sophia Narrett, Ethan Primason, Jessica Stoller, Ellie Tomlinson and Will Wheeler.