March 1st – March 4th, 2018

Opening Reception March 1st, 6 – 8pm



When do you feel the most fulfilled?
•    after a good work out
•    cleaning my apartment
•    paying off all of my debt
•    organizing my desktop (virtual or physical)

When do you feel the weakest?
•    revealing myself to a significant other
•    sleeping in late
•    binging on junk food
•    when my checking account balance is low

Where do you feel in touch with your true self?
•    deep in the woods
•    on the beach
•    in my studio, office, or workplace
•    at the top of a mountain

How do you experience intuition?
•    as an emotion or feeling in my chest
•    in my gut or as a physical sensation
•    as a request or command
•    as a flurry of thoughts racing through my head

DEEP POWER: an elegy to the vacuum of consumption that commodifies and defines personal experience.